Strategic Objectives

The AMBIENT LEARNING project realises eLearning services, which are according to the eLearning Initiative of the European Commission of general interest and gives especially SMEs and individuals cost-efficent access to the information society. It forms the basis for European competitiveness and therefore helps to create and secure jobs. The AMBIENT LEARNING are completely interoperable and use broadband networks.

  • practical realisation of eEurope general interest services objectives
  • to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the global information society
  • to provide a favourable environment for private investment and for the creation of new jobs
  • broadband and interoperable services
  • Deployment of services of common interest
  • deploy applications and services that provide SMEs with the means to improve their competitiveness
  • strengthen economic and social cohesion
  • stimulate and support the deployment of services in support of eEurope

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