Mobile Learning

Professionals lack time for vocational training

An empirical study within the LIP-project identified that busy professionals lack time for vocational training. Moreover the busy professionals prefer articles out of scientific or professional magazines as their main source for vocational training. Exactly this problem is addressed within the first application example of the AMBIENT LEARNING project.

An example: Mobile Learning

Mrs. Tailor is a partner in a consulting company, which is specialised in high-technology consulting. Due to her busy schedule and her attempt to achieve a good work-life and private-life balance, and because of her private assignment to assure a good upbringing of her children, she lacks time for vocational training.

The AMBIENT LEARNING service allows her to structure and define her personal training needs. Based on her context (a situation like driving with her car to a customer) and her personal interest the learning content is downloaded from a scientific magazine database to her mobile device and is read to her with a TTS engine (text-to-speech) while she drives to her customer.

The AMBIENT LEARNING service allows Mrs. Tailor to actively train and improve her knowledge in a concurrent approach, which does not negatively affect her daily schedule. If she has a free evening she can study from home using a secure broadband access to the AMBIENT LEARNING service and choose ad hoc which type of media (e.g.: SCORM-based interactive learning unit, PDF, WWW-based learning unit, TTS) she wants to use for her learning activities.



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