Targeted users

The target group of the AMBIENT LEARNING system comprises only in Western Europe is on the long run more than 122.000.000 people. Within the AMBIENT LEARNING project representative users in four European countries from well established providers of vocational training have been selected and are willing to test and validate the pilot services.

The four training establishments are partners in the project consortium. They have approval from some committed 100 end-users to participate in the project and validate the eLearning services.

The following table gives an overview on the established regional providers of vocational training, their main characteristics, their target group as end users and the main focus of the regional validation activities.


German Case

Italian Case

Greek Case

UK/Ireland Case

Established providers of vocational training

Steinbeis Transfer Zentrum MIT, Germany

Training Center Scarl

CITY Liberal Studies

Computer Publications Group


One of the biggest providers of vocational training in Germany

One of the best established vocational training providers in the Lombardia Italy region

Largest privately owned institution in postgraduate studies in Greece

One of the most important providers of high-quality content and professional information in Ireland

Targeted end users

High-potentials, who are already employed and want to receive an advanced degree

Employees, who want to enhance the digital literacy and improve their professional options

Already employed students, who are interested in formal degrees

Professionals, who need specific vocational training in their professional field

Use Cases

Mobile Learning and/or interactive training

Interactive training and/or document-based training

Interactive training and/or document-based training

Mobile Learning and/or document-based training


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